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Our skills.

If you want to get technical.

Below is our combined skillset for:

software development, web development, mobile development & data handling

Web Development Technologies

Our Web Team is known for an array of technologies to serve all practice areas of web applications, which allow flawless data sharing both with the public and within closed groups. All our web applications are built around databases and developed with the applicable web technology to best suit your precise need. Technologies below are listed in order of development logic.

  • FileMaker Web Direct

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • Bootstrap

  • jQuery

Software Development Languages

MacTutor’s FileMaker practice is both experienced and precise. As a full-service consulting firm, we have expertise in all areas of the FileMaker platform for virtually any application your organization may need.

  • FileMaker Pro (all versions through V19)

  • FileMaker Advanced

  • FileMaker Go

  • FileMaker Web Direct

  • FileMaker Server

Mobile Development Technologies

Smartphones and tablets have now become a fully-fledged channel to manage your organization. Our team at MacTutor has the experience to provide you with ingenious ideas and design of how your organization can profit from these mobile components. We build custom mobile connectivity utilizing the technologies below.

  • FileMaker Go

  • iOS

  • Android

  • X-Code

  • LiveCode

  • PhoneGap

Data Storage & Handling

Our data experts will hep you ensure you have reliable server hardware and software to securely share information as intended. When it comes to deployment and maintenance we ensure your data is solidly hosted and connected to serve the purpose and demand of your database system.​​


  • FileMaker Server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQL Server

  • sqLite

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