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Software Consulting.

Our real expertise.

Is your ideal software strategy in place?

  • Are you still using paper?

  • Multiple spreadsheets?

  • Different software tools which are not connected?

  • Employee inefficiency affecting you?

Do you know what is the ideal solution or set up to help your organization succeed, expand & scale?

That is what we will do for you.


We will get you closer to full efficiency.

We can help you attain the ideal software and technology scenario for your organization, or department. Some of our clients choose to do it little by little, whereas others choose a complete technology overhaul.

Questions for you:

  • Still using paper?

  • Is your system still up tp modern standards?

  • Too many excel sheets to manage?

  • Need a new solution built?

  • Is NetSuite truly correct for you?

  • Is your software system expandable?

  • Can it connect with your website?

  • Which technologies should we combine to attain your goals.

    After 24 years building state of the art software we know how to guide you to achieve your corporate goals.

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Wondering how we can help you?
How fast we deliver? How much our services are? We’ll answer you.

Software Development.

Desktop, Web & Mobile Systems.

Custom Development, Modern Dashboards, CRM, ERP, New System, Reports

We specialize in custom desktop systems, web applications and mobile connectivity, each tailored to your specific needs. We’ve developed over 900 databases for a myriad of industries, from Fortune 500 to small shops. Whether a brand new system or enhancing your existing one, your new system will be simple, efficient, have beautiful layouts and be very user-friendly. 

Soft Inspection

Software Inspection.

Let us check for any tech areas affecting your performance.

One-day introductory inspection service.

You need the correct plan.

Do you have the ideal tech & software for maximum ROI and employee efficiency? 

Can you scale to the next level of expansion with your current set up?


Our Guarantee.

With a quick inspection of the existing software of your business or department we will find one or more of the following software/tech gaps, costing in needless payroll, lost ROI, unnecessary technology and human error.  

  • Gaps in the software your business already has.

  • Your KPI (key performance indicators and crucial statistics) so that custom reports or visual dashboards can be built to show you the information you need at a glance.

  • The areas of your organization that need to be replaced with technology to eliminate human error (and human payroll!)

  • Inefficient or unnecessary applications and technology that are costing you money.

Findings & Plan
Obtain precise technology recommendations for immediate implementation by your IT department or by our Tek|Experts team.

  • New reports you did not know could be built.

  • Necessary Integrations with service sites like forms, mailing lists, shipping sites, online sales, Shopify, Amazon, Walmart stores’, smart sheets, Quickbooks, etc.

  • Server, Software, hardware upgrades

  • Improving existing systems, faster, better reporting, fixing annoying issues or problems.

  • Higher efficiency systems which boost productivity.

  • Consolidating spreadsheets into a simple system.

  • Replacing paper with modern automation.

  • New modules added to your existing system.

  • Updating your existing software.

  • Importing or exchanging information crucial to you.

​$1000 only delivered back to you in 1 day.

Popular and trending integrations.

Connect your software or website to any app.


3rd Party Apps

Need your software or website connected to Quickbooks, Google Maps, Sales Force, aACE?

No Problem. We can do it.

We have integrated 100s of software solutions with about 65 different third party applications. This means you can take advantage of countless automation tools in today's world and allow your existing software, or your new solution, to do the work for you, so your employees don't have to. The resultant ROI can be astounding!

We have done this 100s of times for numerous clients. Thus, with our expertise, if it has an API, we'll connect it to your system flawlessly.


See the list below of possible 3rd Party Apps we could connect to your system.


Apps we can connect to your system.

Popular & easy to connect.

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